Emil Stimple 

Aged Whiskey

Made from corn, aged 5 years. 

750 ml, 80 Proof

Emil Stimple

Double Barrel Bourbon​ 
Aged 3 years in new cooperage, aged 5 years in once used cooperage.

375 ml at  80 Proof

Emil Stimple

High Wheat Bourbon​ 
Corn, Wheat, Barley

375 ml at  80 Proof

Emil Stimple
​Rye Whiskey
Made from a Rye Mash  crafted from rye and barley.​

750 ml at 80 Proof

Verdict Vodka

​​Handcrafted, small batch, grain based vodka. Distilled under the roof of a former courthouse.

​750 ml at  87 Proof

Los Barbudos Rum

Distilled from cane sugar and aged in bantam sized  barrels to enhance the aging the process.

375 ml at 80 Proof

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